Re: Management of Clinical Trials Lynn Gibson 01 Jul 1994 10:04 EST

Chris, in response to your question about the management of clinical
trials, I had looked at splitting the functions out of the sponsored
programs office.  What I found at the base of the problem was manpower and
not organizational structure.  I would suggest you look at analyzing the
time requirements and how they are divided up within your department.
It might turn out that the work load is divided inefficiently or you have
more than you know what you can do with.  Knowing what is happening at Irvine
I would bet the latter.

I have a larger problem when I need our legal department to provide a
response.  Having our legal department set priorities which allow for a
timely response has been difficult. If anyone has suggestions as to how to
handle this aspect, please let me know.

Lynn Gibson
Baylor Research Institute