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Subscribing Liz Mazzella 25 Feb 1994 12:47 EST

A friendly reminder...if you are telling colleagues about RESADM-L,
remember that NEW subscription commands should NOT be sent to
xxxxxx@ALBNYDH2.BITNET where we all send our correspondence.  New
subscribers should send their subscription request to

The syntax should be something like this (it will vary in some e-mail

Tell xxxxxx@ALBNYDH2.BITNET sub RESADM-L Full Name

I've received quite a few error messages from RESADM-L where people
are sending subscription commands/notes to RESADM-L directly instead of to

We are scheduled to be in the next issue of the SRA Newsletter, so our
ranks will be growing.

* Elizabeth (Liz) Mazzella             xxxxxx@ALBNYDH2.BITNET  *
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