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IDC Rates for Clinical Studies Terry A. May 25 Feb 1994 11:36 EST

 Based upon my own experiences in Philadelphia at the Jefferson Medical
College, I believe that use of IDC rates between 20-30% on a TDC base is
common and reasonable for industry-sponsored clinical trials.  The notes
already addressing this topic are representative and well stated.  However,
I believe it is difficult to make direct comparisons with
federally-negotiated rates for several reasons.  I suspect some
institutions prepare their IDC proposals by removing clinically-based
studies from their base so that federally-negotiated rates may not be
comparable & applicable for clinical studies.  In addition, the MTDC base
in PHS rate agreements commonly eliminate patient care costs which can lead
to contentious discussions about what constitutes a patient-care cost on a
clinical trial (e.g. salaries for research nurses).  Also clinical space
may not be included in the IDC proposal.  Therefore, an alternative for
federal projects might be to charge for space/office rental as a direct
cost and then use the off-campus rate.  I'd be interested in hearing from
others that have explored this issue in more detail from a cost-accounting

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