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Conflict of Interest Update Liz Mazzella 08 Feb 1994 14:23 EST

The following note just came through on TECHNO-L this morning.  I assumed
RESADM-L subscribers would be interested:

 Issues In Technology Licensing <xxxxxx@MITVMA.BITNET>
 Issues In Technology Licensing <xxxxxx@MITVMA.BITNET>
 "Jane A. Youngers" <xxxxxx@MVS.CC.ROCHESTER.EDU>
 conflict of interest--federal policy

At the COGR meeting last week it was reported that the NIH Conflict
of Interest Policy is still mired in bureaucracy at the HHS level.
What this means, presumably, is that it will be some time before
it is published.  Once it leaves HHS, it must go to OMB for review,
a review which could take between 30 and 60 days.  Only then will
it come out for public comment.

OMB, on the other hand, has approved the NSF policy.  That means
NSF is free to publish.  The question becomes will they do this
immediately or will they delay until the NIH is ready.  No one
knew the answer to that one.

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