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Best North America Dr. Charles Graham 03 Feb 1994 16:41 EST

To continue the discussion of BEST North America:

We have completed a survey of BEST North America on the Louisiana
State University campus.

No one reported being contacted as a result of their record being
accessed by BEST NA subscribers.

BEST NA reported 617 LSU faculty records accessed between 1/1/93
and 10/31/93. Some of these were apparently repeat hits due to
searchs being repeated on the same day; after the repeats were
subtracted, there were 450 accesses of 308 faculty.

One hundred and nine of these faculty responded to our
questionnaire, all of them reporting no contacts as a result of
their listing with BEST NA. Faculty were informed that if they did
not return the questionnaire, we would assume they had received no

We have decided to take a wait-and-see attitute with respect to
continued participation. We are not willing to cough up a
participation fee at the present time, but we will be interested to
see what added value the new CEO can bring to the service.