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Re: Terms and Conditions Terry A. May 11 Jan 1994 15:45 EST

>Our "STIS guy" recently downloaded a series of files which had terms and
>condtions for the various agencies.  We are not exactly sure what these are
>for, whether or not they are to be in effect soon or are part of
>the Federal Demonstration Project (as each has an "fdp" in front of an
>agency, for example: fdpnih).

 These are the terms & conditions for the various agencies
participating in the Federal Demonstration Project.  I assume these are NOT
new but were only just posted on NSF's STIS system.  I also assume they are
applicable to only those institutions which have signed agreeements to
participate as a member FDP institution.

 More generally, how long is the FDP scheduled to run?  With the
revision of A-110, what is the likelihood that the FDP will result in any
additional changes?  Does the FDP group still meet & on what schedule?

     Terry May