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How-To Books Marcia Landen Zuzolo 10 Jan 1994 09:29 EST

I'll add my vote to the Mary Hall, Getting Funded, book as one of the best "how
to" books.  I've had that one "borrowed" more permanently than any others.

I'll caution you in trying to find perfect examples of proposals for your
faculty.  I know that's what they think they want, but the "generic" proposals
generally aren't "good" proposals, given the fact that each proposal should be
written for a particular project for a particular funding source.  Of course
there is are common "styles" for individual funders.  Our faculty have been
pretty good about allowing us to share their successful proposals with other IU
faculty.  But, boy, nothing beats the write-rewrite-critique-rewrite cycle.

I recently received a copy of "The Guide to Private-Sector Grantseeking"
(Ratzlaff) from Capitol Publications.  It's a pretty good introduction to the
nonfederal world of grantseeking, although it's a bit pricey at $35 for 25
pages of spiral bound text plus appendices, only some of which are useful.

Call SRA to order a copy of the "1992 Resource Guide."  It's well worth your
$15 for an annotated bibliography of resources useful to research
administrators in general.  Our intention was to update that publication
annually, then every couple years.  I don't know if a 1994 Guide is in the
works or not.  By the way, it's MY fault that Spanky's name is misspelled on
the 1992 version, but I think he's forgiven me.

-Marcia Zuzolo
Indiana University