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Academic Freedom Terry A. May 29 Dec 1993 13:00 EST

 I hope all would agree that one broad responsibility of research
administrators would be to help protect the freedom for academic inquiry.
In my opinion this might take many forms action - the following is offered
as an anecdote for general information and reflection.

 The following is the text of a letter published in the Phoenix Gazette
on 09/21/93:

 "The publicity surrounding American Greyhound Racing's policy banning
kennel operators who give or sell greyhounds to research laboratories has
produced a blizzard of mail to my office.  I feel it is in the public
interest to state our position clearly, for the record.
 Significantly, we understand the position of researchers and fully
recognize the importance of their work in general.
 At the same time, my career and that of numerous associates in Arizona
and across the country place us in close daily contact with these talented
and affectionate athletes.  Many of us have at least one adopted greyhound
living in our homes, and that further strengthens the bond.
 Greyhounds are a significant part of our working and family lives.
They are central to our careers.  They give us unquestioned companionship
and loyalty, and they provide our patrons with an exciting brand of
 In an atmosphere of such subjective association, you can understand
our reluctance to assign greyhounds - our partners and friends - to the
discomforts, indignities and often pain of the laboratory.  In good
consience, we cannot be part of that.
 We stand solidly by our policy."
 -Dan A. Luciano
 General Manager
 Phoenix Greyhound Park

 This action will ban trainers who sell (at reduced costs) or donate
"retired" greyhounds from racing at the Phoenix Greyhound Park.  It will
certainly restrict the availability of greyhounds in Arizona for biomedical
research.  At the same time, I am not aware of any licensed breeders of
greyhounds which sell dogs for research subjects.  Even if they were
available, the costs would undoubtedly be much greater.

 Therefore, if such actions become widespread, it could act to reduce
the freedom to conduct research that is scientifically warranted.  We need
to always be mindful, however we can, of promoting the dissemination of
positive results of the work we help to promote and administer.  Future
challenges will take many different forms.

 If anyone desires more information, etc., please do not hesitate to
contact me directly.

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