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CASB Final Rule Terry A. May 27 Dec 1993 17:46 EST

 The Office of Federal Procurement Policy, Cost Accounting Standards
Board has published the Final Rule (58 FR 58798 on November 4) which is
codified at 48 CFR 9903.  As a non-accountant, I do not fully understand
the implications of the CASB regulations; however, I know they can be
onerous.  [There was a session on the implications of Cost Accounting
Standards on Tuesday afternoon at NCURA}  From the final rule, it appears
that the "trigger contract" threshold has been raised to the point that
colleges & universities will subject to 48 CFR 9903 less often.  For those
that know, is this correct?  What do we need to watch for?  I am
particularly interested in hearing of anecdotes, if any exist, where
universities have been subjected to seemingly unreasonable costing
policies, certifications, difficult situations, etc. as a result of Cost
Accounting Standards.  Any information to educate / inform would be most
helpful & appreciated.

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