Re: Scientific Integrity Randall Legeai 15 Dec 1993 13:23 EST

In Message Tue, 14 Dec 1993 08:23:57 EST,
 Liz Mazzella <EAM01%xxxxxx@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU> writes:

>We had considered incorporating the checklist or parts of it into our standard
>grant routing/approval cover sheet.  However, we decided to wait until
>the NIH published their conflict of interest regs (which are due this
>month in the Federal Register or was it last month they were due?)

The new NIH "rule" is currently "in the Assistant Secretary's Office", and
they're not saying (at least to me) exactly when it will be published.

BTW, the new GAO report "Hospitals:  Chief Executives' Compensation,
1989-1991 has just (Dec. 7) been released and should be of interest to
universities that manage hospitals.  It is document number GAO/T-HRD-94-70.
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