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Bouncing messages Liz Mazzella 10 Dec 1993 15:35 EST

Several messages have been bounced to me as listowner without being
distributed to the list because of problems with the list address
appearing in the body of the mail message.  This generally happens
in two instances:  1) when you clip the message you are responding to
and incorporate it into your reply as a reference and the TO: and
FROM lines get clipped as well and2) when you use the "reply"
feature in your e-mail

Please avoid doing both of these things.  If you want to incorporate
a reference --just make sure you use the same "subject" to identify
your note.  Also, incorporating the entire text of the note you are
replying to add unnecessary bulk to your message that can bog
down the listserv archives.

Thanks for your help.

I have directly contacted those senders who had problems with bouncing
messages --and they are re-posting or have re-posted, so no one has
missed anything.


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