Federal Register Wanda Brewer 08 Dec 1993 15:03 EST

*  At UTD we are able to search the Federal
Register and the CBD using the IRIS (University
of Illinois) database.  The charges are
approximately $.30/minute or $18/hour plus
an annual fee based on the number of
faculty (UTD's is $660/year and we have
approximately 200 faculty)..

*  OSP receives the Federal Register in hard
copy via second class mail for $415..

*  Over UTD's Gopher server we are able to
search the Federal Register but are unable
to pull up full text until we subscribe
to Counterpoint.  I like retrieving off the
Gopher because you can choose to search the
Federal Register by date, agency, and subject plus
it is  an easy way to find information, but we then
end up pulling the hard copy (not yet subscribed)..

Here are the rates for Counterpoint's
publication of the Federal Register..

Gopher/WAIS Server Access and NNTP full feed

Educational (restricted by license to bona fide members of
the community)

Office     $1,500
Department  $2,500
Campus      $4,500

Non-educational (restricted by license to internal use)

Lan        $5,000
Site        $7,500
Wan        $10,000

Individual newsgroup pricing available upon request..

TELNET Account Access

TELNET Account Access is available from many sites around the country.  Prices
are per hour..

 Educational   Commercial
 -----------   ----------
 $ 10/hour   $ 10/hour


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