Fed Register Liz Mazzella 08 Dec 1993 13:33 EST

I also have my Federal register service through Counterpoint Publishing
I receive the previous week's issues on each Wednesday.  We have found
it to be much more reliable than the hardcopy from GPO as we constantly
had issues being misdirected and a problem with chronic lateness --
over a week's delay on most issues --sometimes more.

Also, the ability to search electronically and print out directly from
the CD Rom has really boosted efficiency in scanning the federal register--
also we have saved with photocopying --now I get a neat print out that
can be run through a copier feeder rather than trying to make copies
out of the bound books.

The fee for the service is pricey (2 years was around $3,800 but included
a free CD Rom reader).  We have found it to be very worthwhile.

I too saw and clipped the Chronicle article Jacquie refers to (but also
did not catch the date) and have been keeping an eye out for developments.
The legistlation required that the GPO make the Federal Register and similar
publications available on line within a year--so things should be
moving soon.

For now, I am happy with my CD Rom service.

For those of you interested the Counterpoint # is 800-998-4515
I am sure there are other vendors out there too--so don't consider
this an endorsement --just FYI

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