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(no subject) Krones, Jacquie 08 Dec 1993 12:36 EST

Liz Mazzella wrote that she was waiting for her Federal Register CD Rom so
that she could review the revised A-110.

This brings up another question:  If you are getting the Federal Register on
CD Rom or through the internet, how satisfied are you with your service?
 How quickly do you get the information?  How expensive is it?  How easy is
the data to work with?  How restricted is the access?

I might have exceeded my question limit for one post, but we have been
working to find the most efficient and cost effective way to get the FR.  So
far, the services that we have seen advertised that are available through
the Internet are very expensive.  I remember reading in the Chronicle of
Higher Ed. (I have a copy of the article, but I didn't copy the part of the
page with the date!) that Clinton signed legislation that would require the
Government Printing Office to make the Federal Register available
electronically within one year.   The article also stated that the GPO will
charge "reasonable fees" for use of the system.  Does anyone have any
further information about this law or it's consequences?

I look forward to hearing for you!