New Investigator workshop Mike McCallister 29 Nov 1993 08:57 EST

It seems like I've spent my life talking to first-timers and wading
  through their particular set of attitudes and strategies focused
  on NOT writing proposals.  They are most susceptable to all of
  the lore associated with proposals-- "wired" proposals, etc.
  I spend a lot of time with them just workin on their attitudes,
  talking about meeting the sponsor's needs as opposed to searching
  for ways to meet their own, marketability, what informatino goes
  in each part of the proposal, very prosaic stuff. I have found,
  however, that it's the basic stuff they don't know-- even those
  who have had good training in post-docs and research labs.
  When you put them on their own, they do a complete memory dump
  and become flat-earthers.
  Fundamentals.  Realism.  Dash their dreams.  It may not make them
  giddy, but inthe long run, they will see the light.