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How to Liz Mazzella 29 Nov 1993 08:28 EST

To post questions, comments, information etc.. to RESADM-L simply
send an e-mail message to the the address xxxxxx@ALBNYDH2.  RESADM-L
will take your message and distribute it to everyone who is currently
a subscriber.  Anyone wishing to respond, comment further, raise a
related question etc...also posts their response by sending an e-mail
message with the text of their response to RESADM-L.  RESADM-L then
distributes the message to everyone currently subscribed.

Every RESADM-L message will be identified in its header somewhere as having
come from RESADM-L.  Also, the e-mail address of the original sender
of the message is also automatically appended.  REMEMBER --DON'T send
responses to the original sender (in the case of this message, xxxxxx@albnydh2)
as that defeats the "group" purpose of the list--only I would receive
your response.  All messages and replies should go to RESADM-L.

RESADM-L will also archive all of our conversations which can be
retrieved by date, subject and the like using the ldbase functions
of the ALBNYDH2 LISTSERVE --more on that later when I get a full understanding
of that -- I am currently reading up on it.

Hope that answers your question, Spanky.  Also hoping you'll eventually
share the origins of your nickname with us.

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