Small Business Subcontract Management Trevin Pearl 04 Sep 2007 15:03 EST

We are in the process of reviewing our processes around managing the
small business requirements that come into play on Federal contracts
greater than $500,000.  We would love to hear how institutions prepare
plans, manage, and report with respect to the requirements. We are most
interested in hearing from non-profit institutions that, unlike most
large universities and State organizations, may not have discrete
purchasing compliance offices.  Responses to the following specific
questions would be appreciated:

Who prepares the actual Small Business Subcontracting Plan
(division/department administrator, central Sponsored Programs office,
central Purchasing Department, etc.)?
Do you submit an Individual Contract Plan or a Master Plan?
Who completes and is listed in the Program Administrator section of the
Who signs the Plan?
Who monitors performance against the plan on an on-going basis?
Who verifies subcontractors' initial and subsequent classification
status, and how?
Who completes the required small business reports-SF 294 and SF 295
(division/department administrator, central Sponsored Programs office,
central Sponsored Program Accounting office, Purchasing Department,
Other <who>)?

Thank you for your time.

Trevin Pearl

Trevin J. Pearl, J.D., M.A.
Sponsored Programs Office
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Cincinnati, Ohio 45229
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