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Collaborative proposals through Brenda L Dias 25 Oct 2005 08:59 EST

I'm working on submitting a collaborative proposal through, but
it does not appear that is set up to accommodate this.  I've
been advised to submit as if our collaborators would in fact be
subcontractors.  The sponsor's program officer indicated that if we noted
our preference for a collaborative award they would likely do that, but
can't promise.

Having subcontractors will inflate our IDC, and I was advised to explain in
our budget narrative that if a collaborative award is made, the costs would
actually be less.

Have any of you dealt with collaborative proposals through  I'd
be interested in hearing how you handled it.  Thanks!

Brenda Dias, CRA
Sr. Grant & Contract Administrator
Old Dominion University Research Foundation
PO Box 6369, Norfolk, VA  23508
Phone (757) 683-4293  ext. 612
Fax (757) 683-5290

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