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Manager Fiscal Reporting Myra Norman 24 Sep 2004 09:00 EST
Center for Child Welfare Training
POS. #224010    REQ. #P2779

RESPONSIBILITIES:  Recommend, implement and evaluate fiscal policies,
efficient use of fiscal resources and establish internal controls to
safeguard the assets in accordance with the contract and Title IV-E for
the Center for Child Welfare Training program at Middle Tennessee State
University. Monitor statewide expenditures of the 14 consortium schools
to ensure compliance with the requirements of Title IV-E and the State
of Tennessee Department of Children's Services (DCS) including
resolution of financial discrepancies. Conduct on site annual financial
review of consortium colleges and universities, prepare budgets for
statewide programs, provide financial audits of subcontractors and
develop data analysis.  Provide financial reports and related financial
materials for the Center and the Tennessee Consortium for Child Welfare
Training, conduct presentations related to financial and accounting
issues, provide external reports to stake holders, monitor
subcontractor's invoices and expenditures and develop a system to track
and monitor in-kind match and match generated by private educational
institutions participating in the training consortium. Perform other
related tasks as assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Bachelors degree in Accounting, Business
Administration, Finance or a directly related field and three years
management level accounting experience required. A Masters degree is
preferred. Requires effective organizational skills, effective oral
presentation and well developed writing skills.  Able to express ideas
concisely and convincingly, with broad knowledge of computing,
statistical analysis, research and reporting methods required.

SALARY RANGE:   $38,306 - $46,733   Commensurate with experience.

FILING PROCEDURE: Interested applicants should submit the following
required materials:  (1) a cover letter indicating interest in the
(2) a complete resume with the name, address, and phone number of three
professional references: and (3) an MTSU Application for Employment Form
(available by printing off the Internet at: or by calling (615)
898-2928).  Official school transcripts will be required of those
candidates selected for an interview.

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FILING DEADLINE: October 20, 2004