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Re: IPA Mobility Program Assignment Agreements Herbert B. Chermside 23 Sep 2004 11:06 EST

Hey, folks, here's the background.
The IPA is essentially a Personnel of Human Resources agreement.  "Here's
our employee on temporary assignment to you; you pay the salary and
benefits but he remains on our payroll so his advantages of job
continuation do not get lost."  It is handled as a sponsored program at
most institutions simply because that office has the skills and knowledge
to handle the contracting processes and the financial matters -- in fact it
may be the only good model for getting the $ into the institution.

As a realistic matter, there are administrative costs for handling the
transaction.  It appears appropriate to have those costs reimbursed.  DOD
has recognized this.  However, a careful reading of their memo refers to
those costs in terms that make it clear that they want to pay only the
reimbursement of the kinds of costs associated with handling the
transaction.  And they make it clear that the rate of administrative cost
reimbursement is negotiable, and should be based on what you can show
actually is your cost.

My personal opinion is that an off-campus rate, probably whatever is your
lowest off-campus rate, could be justified as covering the administrative
costs of the transaction.  But if they want to allow  you less, but still
something, take it an run.  Half a loaf is better than no bread at
all!  (Pardon the pun!)


At 11:30 AM 9/23/2004, you wrote:
>I agree with Samuela that it is not prohibited.  On the attached COGR
>document, institutions should negotiate an appropriate rate with its
>cognizant federal agency.
>At the Medical University of South Carolina we utilize VA IPA assignment
>agreements which do not include indirect costs.  We view the VA as a
>local "partner" as well as a federal agency.  We felt if we pushed the
>issue, they would require physicians to clock in and out to document
>their duty hours.  Even though the building is three blocks away, the
>inefficiency would be enormous.  We do not have IPAs with any other
>federal agencies at this time.
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>McKinley, Brenda R wrote:
>>Good morning to all,
>>I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has experience with IPA
>>assignment agreements.  The OPM guidelines for the IPA Mobility Program
>>indicate that "agencies should not authorized reimbursement for indirect
>>or administrative costs associated with the assignment."  I seem to
>>remember, however, previous listserve email about the possibility of
>>negotiating an indirect cost rate for IPA agreements.  In the absence of
>>a negotiated rate, are indirect costs out of the question on these
>>agreements?  Do the words "should not" mean that it may be allowable in
>>some cases?  If so, when?
>>Thanks for any information you can provide.
>>Brenda McKinley, CRA
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>Instructions on how to use the RESADM-L Mailing List, including
>subscription information and a web-searchable archive, are available
>via our web site at (click on "Listserv Lists")

Chuck Chermside

 Instructions on how to use the RESADM-L Mailing List, including
 subscription information and a web-searchable archive, are available
 via our web site at (click on "Listserv Lists")