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Job Title:      Assistant Director of Research, Division of Sponsored
Research, Research and Graduate Programs

Location:       MAIN CAMPUS
Reference:      30185

This position, located in Research and Graduate Programs (RGP), serves
as Assistant Director of Sponsored Research for Engineering Programs and
reports to the Director of Sponsored Research through the Associate Dean
for Research in the College of Engineering (COE).

The Assistant Director has day-to-day responsibility for carrying out
the Division of Sponsored Research (DSR) function as it relates to the
COE, including Power of Attorney to execute proposals and awards with
sponsors.  The Assistant Director will act in accordance with the
policies and procedures established by DSR and will assure that those
actions are coordinated with the Director of Sponsored Research and the
Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) as it relates to matters of
research policy and intellectual property policy, respectively. The
Assistant Director is also responsible for the supervision of the staff
of the Office of Engineering Research (OER) and in this role reports
solely to the Associate Dean for Research, based on the Memorandum of
Understanding between the College of Engineering and the Division of
Sponsored Research.

Salary Range
Expected starting salary range is $38,000 - $60,000 annually.

Minimum requirements: A master's degree in an appropriate area of
specialization and two years of related experience; or a bachelor's
degree in the same and four years of related experience.

Preferred qualifications: Ability to function under highly stressful
circumstances; ability to interact cordially with coworkers to
accomplish common tasks.

Please apply before:

Applications to:
Ref number 30185
Employment and Classification
4th Floor, Stadium West
PO Box 115002
Gainesville, FL 32611-5002
Phone: 352.392.4621
Fax: 352.392.7094 / 352.846.0668

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