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Re: F&A distribution Herbert B. Chermside 29 Apr 2004 09:06 EST

I'd like to suggest that you use this opportunity to use "green rectangles"
($ bills!) as rewards to influence behavior that is desired by the
institution.  Here are some ideas for thought:

Reserve some for an "Activity Initiation".  Maybe "seed money" for
preliminary studies.  Maybe support for fine arts or some area that has
restricted or absent sources of funding.  Decisions for use should be made
at high level of academic management (with aid of a committee?)

Similar, but requiring more involved institutional decision making, is
using some as leverage for "developing" one or two areas where the added
boost is enough to move that area forward toward goals of activity and
excellence that will benefit the institution.

Feeding back to deans, departments and even PI is positive reinforcement
for getting awards -- but is your $ volume of F&A recovery large enough to
impact behavior if spread that thinly?

It is politically difficult to make decisions to concentrate efforts in one
or two places only -- but may be the best use of limited funds.  If you do,
set goals and enforce them.  For example, if you are doing "seed money"
aimed at eventually getting external funding, REQUIRE a draft proposal
after a certain period of time, and then devote resources toward making it
better -- e.g., a critique and improvement review by experienced grantsmen.


At 11:27 AM 4/28/2004, you wrote:
>Would anyone mind sharing their policy for F&A distribution? Currently, we
>do not have an official policy on where F&A goes­it’s sort of set up on an
>individual basis. We would like to establish a policy so a percentage can
>go to the PI, dean, us, and various other sources. If you don’t have a
>formal policy, will you share how your F&A is internally distributed or
>any ideas or thoughts on the subject. We aren’t talking about a large
>amount of money since our negotiated rate is based on s&w (and we don’t
>have a lot of external submissions). Thanks in advance.
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 Instructions on how to use the RESADM-L Mailing List, including
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 via our web site at (click on "Listserv Lists")