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building componentization Warnock, Michael J. 22 Apr 2004 16:42 EST


We are looking at the pros and cons of componentization of buildings.  As we assess our options, the following questions come to mind.  If you can respond to any or all of these, your help will be appreciated.  If you prefer to respond privately my email is  I plan to produce an anonymous summary of responses.  If there are additional issues we should consider, your suggestions as to what those are would be welcomed.

1. Do you componentize buildings?
2. What is your capitalization limit on buildings?
3. What is your capitalization limit on building improvements?
4. What is your capitalization limit for componentization (i.e., do you componentize everything or just the expensive buildings)?
5. Do you use more than building shell, service systems and fixed equipment as component categories?
6. If yes to number 5, what categories do you use?
7. Did you componentize all existing buildings or only for new capital expenditures from a starting date?

Thanks in advance.


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