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Research Base Salary Kim Chanley 12 Apr 2004 16:38 EST

Hello Colleagues,
We've learned of an arrangement made by another institution whereby a
tenure-track faculty member may request a "research base salary" to be
used as a salary base for grant pay.  Apparently the faculty person
determines his/her "market value" and establishes a new job at the
university with that salary base (it is a written institutional policy
that this is acceptable and the new job goes through HR).  If s/he is
paid from a grant, the rate of pay used to pay the faculty person from
the grant is based on the research base, not their Academic Year

This university has been advised by their external auditor that they
believe it would pass federal audit since the grants are charged based
on a separate job from their institutional salary.

 I'm finding it hard to believe this would pass federal audit but have
been wrong before.  I would love to hear your two cents.

Thanks in advance,

Kim Chanley

Kimberly Chanley
Sponsored Projects Accounting
Boise State University

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