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Academic PIs for STTRs Amy Hibbard 08 Apr 2004 19:27 EST

Hello all-
Can academic faculty be the lead on DoD STTR proposals?  We've only ever been the subcontract organization for that work, and I have it stored in my brain that this is a small business-initiated program, but I have a faculty member that says he wants to be the lead, with the small business partner as a co-PI subcontractor.  I found the minimum work percentages for each party, but I can't find the specific reference stating that the lead must be the small business.  AND, when I opened a file for DoD electronic submission, the format suggests that the lead is expected to be the small business partner.

If research/academic institutions cannot be the lead, can someone help me find the specific reference to prove my case.  And if they can, does anyone know how to show this in the DoD electronic submission forms?

Thanks for your collective brains,

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