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Conflict of Interest with subcontractors Val Seaquist 24 Mar 2004 14:56 EST

Good Afternoon,

I'm actually asking this on behalf of someone else and thought I would
go to the source of all knowledge.

Situation: A PI wishes to issue a subcontract (under a Federal contract)
to a qualified consultant who is the spouse of one of the researchers in
the PIs group. There is a good possibility that the researcher would be
in the position of supervising the consultant/spouse. The contract
people (State university) do not believe that this is proper and the PI
is requesting specific citations prohibiting this action.

If it was at this university, I would cite our university and State law
COI policies/regulations before I even got to the Federal level. Is
there a specific FAR clause that would prohibit this action or should
the contracts office fall back on their own State and university

Val Seaquist
Office of Sponsored Programs
The University of Alabama in Huntsville

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