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Reminder: 2004 SRA Symposium Call for Papers Dr. Edward Gabriele 13 Mar 2004 09:07 EST

The Call for Papers for the 2004 Symposium at the October annual
meeting of the Society of Research Administrators International was
issued on February 2nd. This is an important reminder to all research
administration colleagues.

Notices of Intent are due no later than 30 April. After NOI approval,
abstracts are due no later than 07 May. Submission is open to anyone,
not just SRA members. Submissions can be germane to any research
administration specialty. Case studies as well as more theoretical
investigations are welcome.

Admittedly, this is early. However, we need to ensure robustly the
welcome of submissions from SRA members and non-SRA colleagues alike.
We want this year's Symposium to continue the high level of success
from last year. As one of the SRA annual international meeting's
activities, the Symposium is a critically important resource for
research administrators and research executives around the world ---
expanding and enriching the body of knowledge of research
administration as an academic and professional science and art.

While the deadline for submission of Notices of Intent on 30 April may
seem distant, time moves swiftly. Early submissions are strongly
encouraged. Early submission allows preliminary reviews and manuscript
preparations to be accomplished with greater ease and success by the
many SRA members who have generously volunteered their time as
Symposium staff.

Remember, Notices of Intent do not lock a person into title and scope.
It is a preliminary step that starts the process. It's getting the
process started now that is very important.

Full directions, schedules, paper formatting guidelines, and abstract
application templates are found at:

Questions? Contact me directly as below.

PLEASE NOTE: The Call for Posters and Poster-Abstracts will be sent out
in the first days of April.

Dr. Ed Gabriele
Symposium Program Director and Chair
Cell: (202) 445-0858

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