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Health Insurance for T32 Grant Trainees Jean M. Murphy 10 Mar 2004 11:07 EST

Dear all,
 We believe we are about to receive a Post-Doctoral Trainee award (T32)
from NICHD.  Being a small Research Center at a small undergraduate
institution, we also believe that there are no other post-doctoral
trainees here, though I am still checking with other departments to make
sure.  We do have a number of individuals here who are in the
post-doctoral phase of their careers, but all of those folks are employees
doing work on existing projects rather than trainees doing their own
independent research.
 My questions are on the provision of health insurance to the
Post-Doctoral Trainees under the award.  NICHD has asked us for a letter
stating our policy on health insurance for individuals in a training

1) Will a statement that we will make health insurance available to all
post-doc trainees regardless of source of funding support suffice (with
the underlying assumption that post-docs employed are not trainees)?

2) How does your institution provide health insurance to trainees?
Through the student health insurance plan?  Through reimbursement of
individual trainee's costs?

Thanks much for any information you can provide.

Jean M. Murphy
Director of Pre-Award Services
Wellesley Centers for Women
E-mail:      Phone:  781-283-2508     Fax:

Wellesley College, Cheever House, 106 Central Street, Wellesley, MA  02481

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