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Re: A Plea for Your Experience in Enforcing Grant Submission Deadline s Jon Hart 09 Mar 2004 12:07 EST

We require all applications (requiring signature or not) to be reviewed
and approved by our office (for grants/contracts); Development (for
general purpose funds) or the legal office (for industry contracts).
Under no circumstances is it acceptable for an application to be
submitted to a funder without the appropriate official's approval.  We
are very clear that we do not guarantee we can accept an award if it is
not processed through our office.


Jon Elizabeth Hart, MPA, CIP
Senior Director, Sponsored Programs Administration
Senior Director, Human Subjects Protections Program
The Rockefeller University
1230 York Ave., NY, NY 10021-6399
tel:  (212) 327-8054; fax:  (212) 327-8400

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I'm looking for info on how many institutions require that proposals be
submitted only by the sponsored programs office, and not by the PI.  Any
info you can provide will be appreciated!



Nicole L. Banks, MPA
Director, Office of Sponsored Programs and Research
New York Institute of Technology
Wisser Library, Room 201
Old Westbury, NY 11568


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