again Robert Beattie 16 Dec 2003 14:52 EST

I am writing a report to our director on the status of  To
this end I would like to know if ANYONE among the list members has
submitted an application through this system or has at least downloaded
an application to submit.

Do you know of anyone who has?

Reply, only if you have done a download or submission with the current
active system.  Also, let me know if you tried and failed.  No need to
report on the "Find" module, just the "Apply" part.  Feel free to send
to me directly.

Thanks much.

Robert Beattie
Managing  Project Representative
 for Electronic Research Administration
Division of Research Development and Administration
University of Michigan
3003 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1274
office: 734 936-1283
mobile: 734 717-6281

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