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I have been trying to understand the process for submitting applications
through, and particularly the steps which must be taken after the
organization completes registration through the Central Contractor Registry.
Is the next step (registration with a credential provider) required with
EACH application submission or only once for each person your organization
wishes to authorize to make the submission(s)?

When I submitted this question to the support for, I suggested
that a flow chart diagram would be helpful. I received a non sequitur reply:
"Once all of the registration steps are completed, you will need to find and
download grant applications."  -- !!!

Before I ask my organization's officials to complete the registration
process, I think I had better be able to explain it. Please note -- we do
not submit a huge number of federal grants in each fiscal year (fewer than
15) so are not likely to purchase commerial software for the process.

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