Industry indirect rate Beyea, Donna L. 08 Dec 2003 10:08 EST

Hi all:
I need your help with a project.

I would like to know which institutions have a separate negotiated indirect
rate for their industry-sponsored research (not a clinical trial rate).  I
don't need to know the rate, I just need to identify which institutions have
such a thing.

If you have an approved rate for industry sponsored research that differs
from your federal rate, could you please send me a quick email just giving
me the name of  your institution.

No need to respond if you don't have a separate rate.

Thanks for your help.

Donna L. Beyea
Sr. Research Administrator
University of Rochester
Office of Research & Project Administration
518 Hylan Building
Rochester NY  14627
phone: (585) 275-8036
fax: (585) 275-9492

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