Summer Salary and VA Appointment Diane Taylor 03 Dec 2003 16:54 EST


Could you please send this out to your listserv and see what the "experts"

How does one determine the appropriate summer salary to be paid to a
9-month faculty member with  a VA appointment?  Here is the question in
more detail:

If a faculty member has a 9-month appointment and no VA appointment and his
9-month salary (which would also be his institutional base salary) is
$100,000, then he could pay himself up to 100% effort for the 3-month
summer salary which would be ($100,000/9)x3=$33,333.

If that same person is now put on a joint university/VA appointment (his
9-month salary is still $100,000 as determined by department) but he now
has a 5/8 VA appointment with the VA covering $40,000 (in a 12 month
period), that would mean that his institutional base is now only $60,000
for the 9-month appointment.  Does that now mean that his summer salary
will have to be ($60,000/9)*3=$20,000?  If that is true, then the faculty
member essentially "loses" $13,300 a year in pay.  MOU's were submitted to
the agencies when he was given the joint appointment.

What is the appropriate way to handle this situation?  Can anyone point me
to "official" guidelines regarding this.



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