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Re: Defining Principal Investigator Charlie Hathaway (14 Nov 2003 10:15 EST)

Re: Defining Principal Investigator Charlie Hathaway 14 Nov 2003 10:15 EST

At 04:24 PM 11/13/03 -0700, you wrote:

If there is a "PI", then the term "Co-PI" is meaningless, means nothing to the funder, and will likely mean little to a savvy promotions committee.

I think the big question that you did not ask is what % effort should the various species of the PI genus be devoting to the work?

But ultimately, of course, getting a grant, or being listed on a grant, means little compared to the scholarly/societal contributions that derive from one's funded efforts.


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>Help please........
> * Does your institution allow investigators from other institutions to be included as a PIs on your proposals?
>* Does your institution place any limit on the number of individuals who can be listed as Co-PIs on your proposals?
>* Does your institution allow individuals who are contributing to but not directing the work to be listed as CoPIs on your proposals?
> * Does it strengthen a proposal to include the "names" as PI or Co-PI even though the "names" are not directing the project?
>* Can listing too many individuals Co-PIs rather than key personnel or faculty associates hurt rather than help?
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