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Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement Erik A. Thelen (04 Dec 2002 17:46 EST)

Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement Erik A. Thelen 04 Dec 2002 17:46 EST

We've just been issued a Grant/Cooperative Agreement Award from the Air
Force Research Lab in response to a BAA.  That's the good news.  Now comes
the puzzling bit:  a required data sheet requires us to request export
control certification using form DD 2345, "Militarily Critical Technical
Data Agreement."

I have some problems with the form, and I wonder if any of you folks have
any experience with it -- or have been able to get it waived for your

1.  The form asks us to certify, among other things, that "the [militarily
critical] data are needed to bid or perform on a contract with any agency
of the US Government."  The PI tells me he does NOT need for such data to
do his work.  So right off the bat, my certification would be wrong.

2.  the form seems to apply to contracts, not an assistance award of the
type we have.

I am asking AFRL about the form and will request that it be waived.  I
welcome your thoughts.

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