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NSF deadline times Bill Schulze 02 Dec 2002 18:02 EST

Ok, what's up with this?

Got a panicky call from a PI who says that his NSF program officer told him
he had to have his proposal submitted by 5:00pm, Eastern Time... Thus, we
had to have his off by 2:00pm (since we're on Pacific)... "Not to worry,"
says I, because NSF understands such problems and has a policy of accepting
the proposer's local time, deadline-wise.  .... However, just to be sure, I
told the PI I would send him a copy of the NSF guidance that addresses the
matter... (I figured this was an agency-wide policy.)

Now, mind you, the proposal is unsolicited, and the deadline in question is
really a target date... but apparently a rather firm one....

Well... I couldn't find any reference to the local time consideration in
the FASTLANE instructions, GPG, GPM, or various searches... Had to leave
voice messages with the program office... But the FASTLANE Help Desk called
back, and the answer there was that accepting local time submissions was at
the discretion of the Program Officer... So I guess that's going to be my
first call in the morning...

So the question is... Does anyone remember seeing something in writing one
way or the other? Experience with this before? Insights?


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