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Re: Delivery and Arrival of Proposals William Campbell 15 Nov 2002 16:54 EST

I guess I've been in this business a long time.  I remember those days when proposal writers would fly to DC on deadline day, proposals in hand--and usually red-eyed and groggy from staying up nights to finish the damn thing.

Someone told me a story from those days, late 70's probably.  He was hand delivering a proposal to Dept of Education.  Plane was late, frantic cab ride to ED on L'Enfant Plaza, found the room it was supposed to be delivered to 5 minutes before the deadline--and the office was closed.  He swore, kicked the door a couple times, then noticed a hole someone had punched through the drywall next to the door.  He peeked in, saw a pile of proposals on the floor beneath the hole, added his to the pile, and headed home.  Proposal was funded, too.

An apocryphal tale, no doubt, though entertaining.  But I don't miss those days at all.  We're better off with FedEx/Express Mail, and especially for electronic delivery.

Regards, Bill

Bill Campbell
Director, Grants & Research
University of Wisconsin-River Falls

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