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World Laboratory Project Landen, Marcia 12 Nov 2002 15:02 EST

Has anyone dealt with an organization called The World Laboratory? They
have a scholarship program for young scientists from developing
countries to work with scientists in developed countries. One of our
faculty members has been approached to host a young scientist.

Several conditions raised my eyebrows, and I'm wondering if anyone else
has solved this problem, or if it is a scam, or what.

World Lab clearly states that the funding relationship is with the
student and instructor, and not with the host school. They say they
"will not establish a relationship with the hosting establishment or
abide by its administrative rules." Payments are to be made into an
"account established by the instructor." They say a University account
is acceptable, but I can't see how we'd set up a sponsored project
account if they won't enter into an agreement with us. The PI,
naturally, isn't about to use his personal bank account.

How would you handle this?


Marcia Landen
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Sponsored Research Services
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