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Accounting for proposal submissions Eleanor M. Cicinsky 11 Nov 2002 08:47 EST

We are trying to decide on a numbering system to account for proposal
submissions.   At this time,  we count everything each year as a
submission.   Therefore,  new proposals, continuations, renewals,
supplements are assigned a Sponsored Projects Approval Number.   This
number becomes a count of what is submitted each fiscal year - so by the
end of June 2003 we would say that 523 submissions were made.   However,
this does not break out actual "Brand New Submissions" unless we analyze
each approval form.

I'm interested in knowing how you count your submissions each year.
For instance,  do you count a continuation as a proposal submission or
do you carry the number from year to year and don't count it at all.
I'm concerned that credit will not be received for the amount of work
that goes into the continuations.    As you know,  they are not all SNAP
procedures and I worry that credit will not be given to the amount of
work that is done therefore affecting staff loading which of course is
another issue apart from proposal submissions.

Your suggestions would be appreciated.

Eleanor Cicinsky
Temple University

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