Other Support disclosures: Biosketch form vs. Other Support form Kaufman, Patrick 01 Nov 2002 13:20 EST

It seems as if there are two different forms on the PHS 398 in which a PI discloses other support sources:  The Biosketch form and the Other Support form.  Can anybody briefly explain to me the differences between disclosures on this form?  I know that the biosketch is included on all applications and the Other Support form is only requested later for apps likely to get funded.  Otherwise:

1) are the same projects to be shown on both?

2) does the study section see both?  Or just the biosketch?

3) are there different angles a researcher should take between the two forms to help increase the likelihood of being funded (while still being in compliance)?

4) Does modular vs. non-modular make any difference?

Any learnings would be helpful.

Thanks, Pat

Pat Kaufman
Director of Accounting & Grants Admin.
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Kansas City, MO
816-926-4027    xxxxxx@stowers-institute.org

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