ITAR Valerie Seaquist 26 Sep 2002 11:46 EST

This week I attended a conference on Export Controls & Compliance sponsored
by our regional international trade association, local county commission on
international trade & development, National Contract Management Association,
etc. We had presenters from the Society for International Affairs (SIA)(see
Jada Bruner's listserve message of 9/25), DoD, US Customs Service, NASA and
industry compliance officers dealing in export control compliance issues.
They spoke on both the International Traffic in Arms regulations (Department
of State) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR) (Department of

For industry this is a BIG issue. The regulations and procedures are
numbing. Universities should not believe that they are exempt because of the
Federal Register March 29, 2002 citation (22 CFR Parts 123 & 125).

I would recommend contacting your local Chamber of Commerce, Trade
Organization, NCMA chapter or local companies to see if anything like this
presentation will be held in your area. It was very informative.

Val Seaquist

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