Re: Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure William Campbell 28 Jun 2002 08:08 EST

John and RESADMers--

The University of Wisconsin-River Falls COI/financial disclosure policy requires financial disclosures for all grant proposals.  We did that at the time that NSF/NIH started requiring them.  I knew I'd forget to ask for the assurance if we didn't make it a blanket policy.  I also think it's a good idea; if financial disclosures are important for any grant proposals, they're important for all of them.

To make sure we get the COI information, we include the disclosure form in our Approval to Apply for External Funding form.  (Available on the web as a Word document at  This procedure works well; PIs sign the disclosure form along with the approval form.

We've been doing it this way for roughly 10 years.  However, I can't recall a single financial disclosure or conflict of interest.  Still, I think it's a good thing and we'll keep doing it.

Regards, Bill

Bill Campbell
Director, Grants & Research
University of Wisconsin-River Falls

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