Incentive Programs Witt, Carolyn 27 Jun 2002 15:03 EST

The Van Andel Institute, an independent non-profit cancer research institute, is beginning to investigate mechanisms for incentivizing Scientific Investigators (faculty) to seek out and obtain extramural funding.  We would like to hear from organizations/institutions who have developed incentive plans.
 - How does your incentive plan work?
 - How is your plan funded, i.e., from internal funds, F&A recovery, etc.
 - How long has the plan been in operation?
 - Have you been able to measure the impact of the plan on faculty productivity with respect to    grant activity, e.g., increased numbers of grants submitted, increase in total direct costs     requested, etc.?

The other question we are asking relates to utilization of the internal funds released by the direct costs received from grants:
 - What does your organization/institution do with the money that is freed up from grants?
 - Do you return a portion back to Investigator/Department/School budgets for expenses,     salaries, etc?
 - Do you allow the recovery of salary from grants to increase or provide a bonus to the faculty           member's salary?

Please feel free to respond to the listserve or directly to the email address noted below.  Thank you for sharing.

Carolyn W. Witt, MEd, MBA
Director of Grants and Contracts
Van Andel Institute
333 Bostwick Ave., NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone:  (616) 234-5542
Fax:       (616) 234-5543

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