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Salary Information for Ph.D. Research Scientists Hansen, Debra 14 May 2002 10:43 EST

Our institution is in the process of re-evaluating salary ranges for our Ph.D. scientist positions, as well as our masters-prepared and Ph.D. biostatistician postions.  We are giving serious consideration to involving an outside consultant.

I am wondering if any of you and/or your institutions have used an outside Human Resources consulting firm to provide assistance with a project of this nature.  If so, we would be interested in knowing the name of such firm(s) and your comments about the results of their work (i.e. excellent, good, fair, poor.....was your money well spent!)

Or, if you have done an evaluation of this nature using internal staffing/resources, some advice on sources of relevant information or how you went about gathering such information, would also be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated!



Debra K. Hansen
Director of Sponsored Programs and Fiscal Affairs
Marshfield Medical Research and Education Foundation,
a Division of Marshfield Clinic
1000 N Oak Avenue - 1R3
Marshfield, WI   54449

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