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Re: When Faculty Sign Their Own Contracts (Horror stories wanted) Glenn Krell 14 May 2002 11:43 EST

Debbie's point is a good one.  When you get in on the front end, there's
usually smooth sailing.  If and shoals!

>Date:         Mon, 13 May 2002 07:45:18 -0500
>From: Debbie Smith <xxxxxx@UTMEM.EDU>
>Subject:      Re: [RESADM-L] When Faculty Sign Their Own Contracts (Horror
stories wanted)
>To: xxxxxx@HRINET.ORG
>I found this interesting, inasmuch as we have had excellent relationships
>with Komen (locally and nationally). . . we alter their language every time
>and have had no problems (of course, we get in on the front end . . . so
>far, our PIs have not signed Komen agreements without our knowledge).
>Debbie Smith
>Deborah (Debbie) L. Smith, Ed.D.
>Director, Research Administration
>UT Health Science Center
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>Memphis, TN  38163
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>From: Vicki Krell <xxxxxx@ASU.EDU>
>To: <xxxxxx@HRINET.ORG>
>Sent: Friday, May 10, 2002 12:13 PM
>Subject: Re: [RESADM-L] When Faculty Sign Their Own Contracts (Horror
stories wanted)
>Hi, Glenn. Interesting that we have the same last name!
>A few years ago, I had a faculty member accept an award from the Susan G.
>Komen Foundation. At the awards luncheon, they just handed her the agreement
>and asked if she was authorized to sign it. She said yes! Little did she
>know what problems would ensue for this lapse in judgment. Well, she did
>learn a valuable lesson.
>When the agreement finally got to our office, I found, during my review, an
>indemnification clause which we could not accept. Since our Office of Risk
>Management had recently changed the wording which we could and could not
>accept regarding indemnification, we could not accept this clause as
>written, and I offered up to 5 versions of alternate language. The person I
>spoke with at the sponsor would not negotiate and would not refer me (or our
>contracts people) to anyone else at a legal level who COULD or would
>negotiate. In fact, she was very unhelpful and quite rude.
>To make a very long story short, after several months of frustrating and
>useless attempts to get this taken care of so the PI could devote her time
>to the project, we were forced to turn down the award and return the money.
>We have not let any PI's apply to this foundation since.
>Vicki Krell
>Sponsored Projects Officer
>Office for Research and Sponsored Projects Admin.
>Arizona State University
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>From: Glenn Krell [mailto:xxxxxx@IIT.EDU]
>Sent: Wednesday, May 08, 2002 3:18 PM
>To: xxxxxx@HRINET.ORG
>Subject: [RESADM-L] When Faculty Sign Their Own Contracts (Horror stories
>Hi resadmr's,
>Our research newsletter for faculty has a recurring piece called "Stories
>from the Horror File," and this month I am looking for your horror stories
>re: consequences of faculty signing their own paperwork (contracts,
>agreements) and sending it back to the funding entity thus bypassing the
>trusty research administration office.  Of course, this is a problem at
>many research universities nationwide and I know there are plenty of
>stories out there.  Please reply to this list only if you don't mind your
>story being publicized; otherwise, email to me off the list at
>  For the newsletter article I am writing, I will not use the
>name of your institution, just the sad tale of the tangled consequences of
>your faculty member's noncompliance with policy.  Please give examples of
>resultant harm/delay to their research funds.  I will post a single summary
>to the group.  Many thanks in advance!
>-Glenn Krell
>Glenn Krell BA, CRA
>Director, Research Proposal Development
>Illinois Institute of Technology
>3300 South Federal Street, M/B 301
>Chicago, Illinois 60616
>312-567-7141 (voice)
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