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Survey for Effectiveness of IRB/HS program office Marsha Green 10 May 2002 17:51 EST

Please respond to this email to - NOT to the list!
I'll pass alng all results from my answers received.  Thanks!

Hi all...I'm attempting to gather some info on other
institutions/organizations as to whether you have conducted any
effectiveness studies on your IRB/Human Subjects Program/Office to evaluate
how well they are doing their job in informing the total organization on
human subjects regulations and requirements. I'm looking for survey
instruments and/or results of that study.  They can be faxed to me at
702-895-3094 (Attn: Marsha Green) or sent as an attachment to the email
address above.

Also please send me some basic information as follows:

Number of students on campus:
Number of faculty/staff on campus:
Are you primarily Social/Behavioral or Biomedical?
How many total IRBs:
How many exempt protocols approved per year:
How many expedited approved protocols per year:
How many full IRB review approved protocols per year:

Do you feel the number of protocols submitted has increased at your
organization since the new regulations for Certificates of Training are now

Any other info/feedback you can give me would be appreciate.  Thanks in

Marsha Green, CRA
HR Administrator & Projects Specialist
Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
FX: 702-895-3094

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