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Re: regs on retaining records Bill Schulze 30 Apr 2002 16:48 EST
This attachment work for us... We have to send this to our state agencies
all the time... They seem to think we are required to keep records of
federally funded projects for 5 years...

(See attached file: A110 Subpart C 53 Retention of Records.doc)

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I'm reposting this request since I received no responses to the previous
message, but since the listserv server was misbehaving part of that time,
perhaps some of you overlooked it.

A funding agency is telling us that federal grant regulations dictate that
our personnel records must be retained 7 years. They have indicated that is
is part of the uniform administrative requirements, but I cannot find this
stipulation in A-110. Am I missing something? Is it possible that earlier
versions of A-110 contained a 7-year requirement and the agency is
off of old regs?

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