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Re: HIPPA Problems with WinXP Landen, Marcia 30 Apr 2002 16:27 EST

For more on HIPAA, Resadm-l'ers might want to check out the SRA
teleconference coming up this fall (Sept. 12). We'll have a panel of experts
discussing the latest on HIPAA as well as confidentiality issues in general.
See the website for more:

Contact me (info below) or Kerry Judge at the SRA office
( if you have questions. It should be a great


Marcia Landen
Sponsored Research Services
Indiana University
Bryan Hall, Room 108
107 S. Indiana Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47405-7000
812/855-0899 (voice)
812/855-9943 (fax)

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> From: Celia Gravely [mailto:xxxxxx@UFL.EDU]
> Sent: Monday, April 22, 2002 8:48 AM
> To: xxxxxx@HRINET.ORG
> Subject: [RESADM-L] HIPPA Problems with WinXP
> The IT manager for my department is very concerning with WinXP and the
> current HIPPA regulations and the planned upgrades to these regulations.
> The new license agreement with Microsoft allows them to "sneak in" your
> machine when you are on the web. This obviously opens all doors for
> patient confidentiality to be thrown out of the window!! (This are all
> words from my IT manager.)
> Is there anyone out there who has dealt or plans to deal with this
> problem? Is this a problem? Are we breaking HIPPA rules if we deploy this
> software? Has anyone from the federal government tried to address this?
> Thanks,
> Celia
> Celia U. Gravely
> Assistant Director for
>   Research and Academic Affairs
> University of Florida, Pathology Department
> P.O. Box 100275
> Gainesville, FL 32610-0275
> 352.265.7977 (voice)
> 352.265.7978 (fax)

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