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New Biosketch Form, Section 3 "Research Support" Kaufman, Patrick 30 Apr 2002 11:14 EST


I am assisting with the preparation of a PHS2590 non-competing renewal form.  The recent revision of this form now includes a Section 3 called "Research Support."  I am confused as to how a non-PI is supposed to complete this section.

Is this the same concept as "Other Support?"  In other words, for a research technician who has assisted a PI on federally-funded work over the past 3 years BUT has no specific funding himself/herself, am I supposed to put "N/A" in this section since he/she has no external funding in his/her name?

Or, are they getting at something else?  If anybody has examples of how a non-PI with no funding in his/her name has completed this section and wouldn't mind e-mailing to me, I would be grateful.

Thanks, Pat

Pat Kaufman
Director of Accounting and Grants Admin.
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Kansas City, Missouri
Ph 816-926-4027   Fax 816-926-2007

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