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VETS-100 and Federal Contracts Richard Moore 02 Apr 2002 15:24 EST

Good afternoon.

I was called this morning by our Human Resources office and asked
if we received federal contracts of $15,000 or greater.  They were
wondering if we might not have to submit the VETS-100 report (a
report on hiring and employment of veterans) that is required of all
employers that receive federal contracts or subcontracts of $25,000
or more annually).  They were not able to give me clear definition of
"contract" as used in this case.

My first answer was "no" but after thinking a moment I changed it to
"maybe."  Our university does not have direct federal contracts of
$25K but we receive federal flow-thorugh funds from several state
agencies that use a variety of methods of getting the funds to us:
MOAs, grants, POs and contracts.

Its the last category that has me guessing - some are clearly
subawards from federal grants and the agnecy has simply used the
word "contract" in its subagreement, others are unclear.

So my reply was "better safe than sorry" Do the report.  I am
wondering how other institutions handle this.

Richard Moore

 Dr. Richard H. Moore
 Assistant Vice President for Grants and Sponsored Research
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